What is Releasing & The Release Technique?

The Release Technique, also known as The Sedona Method, was discovered by Physicist and Engineer, Lester Levenson, the release technique accelerated learning is a series of steps to allow both the body and the mind to release the potential to improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being as well as eliminate negativity.

lester levensonThe technique is scientifically proven and tested with thousands of graduates throughout the world that have benefited from the course.

Because of the large amounts of pain, disappointment, and frustration that build up throughout your life, your mind is consistently blocked and unable to achieve its true potential.

The Release techniques students learn to have control over their feelings and emotions while also bringing back into focus those goals which they truly desire.

The technique is so powerful that it has been studied and proven by Columbia University, Harvard University, and several other medical institutions worldwide.

How is the Releasing Technique Done?

Through live classes and coaching, Lester Levenson taught how to do the release technique. The technique is designed to be a self-discovery course of study by following simple instructions.

Originally based on the teachings of Buddha, releasing entails an understanding of desire and how it can be both powerful and detrimental on the pathway to success. Meditation and focus play large roles in the foundations of the technique.

The Release Technique Training in a Group/Live Setting

For those looking to find their potential and gain control of their life as soon as possible, releasing taught through the live classes is designed to help students implement the techniques much faster.

Retreats and Bootcamps are offered in various locations throughout the United States from January through November of each year.

The Release Technique Training at Home/In Private

The ABUNDANCE COURSE is another option for students to learn this technique in the comfort of their own homes.

With a risk-free 30-day moneyback guarantee, the course package contains several CDs, a workbook, and other bonuses.

Students are given a schedule for each day and work through all portions of the program independently.

lester levenson quotes release technique

Reviews of the Release Technique

There are several different teachings on the release technique from professionals and students alike that attest to the success of the program while several claim that both the Release Technique and Sedona Method are essentially the same program under different forms of the name.

larry crane teaches the release techniqueLevenson’s technique works well for those who are highly motivated and driven and who are willing to take the time and energy to completely change their way of thinking.

The technique requires consistent attentiveness to thoughts and feelings. Studies conducted through medical institutions have shown that releasing can be a powerful refocusing tool and help patients achieve a higher success rate.

When utilized properly, the technique can help with relationships, stress relief, finances, getting rid of fear, health, relief from depression, relief from anxiety, spiritual growth, and much more.

A Different Kind of Release Technique

There is also the Sedona Method which another form of releasing.

Many differences are present between the sedona method and the release technique.

While both techniques are based on the minds ability to change and renew lives through eliminating all negativity, the Sedona method takes a more laid-back approach and is significantly cheaper.

Designed and taught by Larry Crane, the Sedona method is similar to lifestyle coaching.

Through the Sedona method, students are also taught focus and meditation.

Rather than focusing on goals and results, the Sedona students learn about their habits and tendencies, how to use those to work for them, and which ones are unhealthy and require a change so that full potential can be achieved.