Release Technique VS Sedona Method

When you hear the word release, it means you “let go”, thus to explain the release technique is rather simple.

In this article, we shall not investigate HOW TO DO THE RELEASE TECHNIQUE but have a look at the different teachings involved in “letting go” or “releasing”  -namely The Release Technique and the Sedona Method.

Those situations that trouble you that simply cannot let go of like health, guilt, money, fear, marital problems, etc. are addressed in the release technique.


To do this technique, you think of something troubling you and rate it from one to ten.

After rating the issue, you continue to say yes to it. It means that instead of suppressing it, you accept it.

This is how you learn that regardless of the level it is at, you can accept it.

This method is repeated until the fears troubles that you need to release are at an acceptable level.


The release technique uses specific strategies that allow individuals to learn faster, remember what you have learned while capable of absorbing at deeper levels of understanding.

Using the release technique will help faster than before doing the accelerated learning course.

The Release Technique Abundance Book by Larry CraneThere are plenty of release technique reviews aimed at creating abundance and tailored more towards individuals with physical goals in their lives that they wish to achieve.

Even though it is not a foregone conclusion, there are many people who according to reviews and testimonials, have become millionaires using this technique.

The Abundance Course tells you to live abundantly by letting go of disappointments, burdens, fears, and hurts.

It is supposedly unlimited regardless of circumstance and applied in any and all situations.

They explain it by using a computer as an example comparing it to a human mind.

A computer with a virus cannot work properly and neither can the mind when it is filled with negativity.


Comparing or placing the release technique with the sedona method is rather difficult when you know they have the same end goal.

Both are aimed at you “letting go”.

In the Sedona method, however, you do not need to overthink any situation or feeling troubling you. You do not need to analyze or dramatize.

sedona method explanation

On the contrary, in the Sedona Method, you ask questions.

In the release technique, you accept and escape into your own mind.

The release technique, in short, uses a visual approach while the Sedona method uses an intuitive and a gentle method to accelerate personal growth by focusing on emotional and spiritual issues.


The SEDONA METHOD RELEASE TECHNIQUE works on releasing too but the process is approached in three different ways.

Either of these ways has the same result.

It will allow you to let go of suppressed subconscious energy by using your natural ability to release unwanted feelings immediately.

One is to simply choose to let the feeling go.

Another is to go straight into the center of the feeling.

The last is welcoming and accepting the emotion and allowing it to simply be.

The Sedona technique tells you that when you hold onto an object, it is possible to either let it go, or you get so familiar with it that you choose to hold on.

You can let go is what it teaches and even when you do not realize it you are still in control.

Focusing on an issue you need to feel better about and ask yourself if you can let it go, if you can allow it to stay, or if you should welcome it.

Using the Sedona Method Release Technique

Stress Relief

Of course both The Sedona Method and the release technique are great for reducing stress. In fact this is the most powerful aspect of releasing.

If you currently suffer from any stress then I urge you to try one of these techniques to see just how powerful it can be at eliminating your stress completely.

Letting Go Release Technique

“If you let go a little, you will be rewarded with a little peace. If you release a lot, you will be rewarded with great peace.” If you completely release, you will be rewarded with complete peace. “, Adzhan Chah, Buddhist monk

We will introduce you to a revolutionary method to relieve negative feelings and thoughts and to create a better life.

How Releasing Works

It is easy to learn the release technique.

The method contains four questions and comes from the book Sedona Method by American author Hale Dwoskin who took over, from his teacher Lester Levenson.

These are four simple questions:

1. Would you be able to accept this feeling – at this time?
2. Would you be able to release this feeling – just for this moment?
3. Would you release this feeling?
4. When?

Try it! If you are concerned about something right now, or you are angry about something, or you have compulsive thoughts – close your eyes,

Go to yourself and think about a specific problem, a person or a situation that frustrates you.

releasing questions

Continue Releasing

Feel what you feel.

1. Would you be able to accept this feeling at this time?

Against our personal feelings we can never win. Suppress them, fight against them, ignore them, it does not work.

Most of the unpleasant feelings are just getting stronger.

The most interesting thing about this question is that it does not matter what the answer is (yes or no), it is only important that you are honest with yourself and spontaneously respond, therefore, do not ask for a long answer.

2. Would you be able to release this feeling – just at this time?

It is not required of you to release the unpleasant feeling.

The question is more about the possibility of choosing which you have at this moment, but the majority does not experience it so.

You answer, spontaneously and without thinking.

3. Would you release this feeling?

Honest and spontaneous response.

the release technique Abundance BookAsking goal is what you want, not what you can.

4. When? When would you release?

Change does not happen if we deceive ourselves.

Be honest with yourself and answer spontaneously to this question.

It does not matter if the answer is: Now! Yesterday! Maybe tomorrow! Never!!

Using the Release Technique For Even More

You can use releasing and many other things.

With our thoughts we form our reality. It is important to release thoughts that block our creative, positive learning energy.

There is power in us that can change the view of anything, from bad to good.

The Abundance Course teaches us how to tap into that power.

Finally there is something that can improve our hermit life.

sedona methodConstantly we receive unwritten rules that have nothing to do with our inner self.

There are methods that help us to get to know ourselves better and get out of the shell of the existing reality.

The Sedona method is a unique, simple and revolutionary technique that will show you how to release painful and unwanted feelings, beliefs or thoughts – in a moment.

Release Technique vs Sedona Method

Sedona method relies more on feelings than other release techniques, that rely on mind control.

It is neither good nor bad, it is just energy through feelings, and wants to leave.

In any case the Sedona method is a useful method that helps us to live happy lives and is just as good as the release technique and gives just as many benefits.